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People We Meet on Vacation



Reasons to Read:

-Friends to Lovers

-Fluff with a hint of spice

-Witty banter

-A touch of Grumpy/Sunshine


Here are my reading notes:

-She clearly loves him. She clearly is in love with him, and he is in love with her, and they are being idiots

-I love Emily Henry and her writing.

-I hate this whole ‘they won’t admit they love each other’ trope

-It’s the way he comes out of his shell and allows her to see the silly sides of himself. The naked Alex sides. I ADORE THAT.


I love Poppy & Alex. Now I did not love this story as much as Book Lovers, but it just furthered my admiration for all things Emily Henry. This book was full of insane chemistry, miscommunications, inside jokes, and mutual pining. The tension between Alex and Poppy was so good that I was sold on them as a couple almost immediately.


I was so annoyed when it took them so long to realize how they felt about each other. You can see how much both Poppy & Alex love each other even before the inevitable get together in the end. It is just so genuine, but also so frustrating. I wish they were honest with each other earlier, but that would defeat the purpose of the entire story. I wish there was more smut overall, but what we did get when they finally got together was great.


As per usual, Emily Henry had me laughing out loud and swooning over another fictional man. I will definitely recommend this to my friends, and I can't wait to read more of her books!

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