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The Serpent & the Wings of Night




Reasons to Read:

-Slow burn romance

-Enemies to lovers

-Forced proximity

-Badass FMC

-Vampires & magic

-Amazing plot twist


The best part of this book is the tension. The tension between Oraya and Raihn is so thick. The tension in the action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat. It really propelled the book forward and if the tension was not as good, I might not have continued. the relationship between Oraya and Vincent was also fascinating. Did I kind of want a romance between them before I realized that they were father/daughter? Yes. Was the complex dynamic enough to make up for that? Also, yes.


The trial/competition rules are vague and a bit confusing. it was very similar to the hunger games, but the fact that they could leave but only around certain times was weird. It felt like the author just needed a way to make it okay for Oraya to see her father/kill vampires in town. The rules just didn't make much sense to me.


Overall, it was a great fantasy romance! It was an easy read and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys SJM books!

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