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The Unhoneymooners

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Reasons to Read:
-enemies to lovers
-fake marriage
-super light and quick read

Overall, it's a really cute rom-com that was fun from start to finish! It was funny, the romance was sweet, and the vibe was very Hating Game meets Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I love how confident Olive is, and I also love how much she tries to be body positive, but there are a few points where I wasn't a huge fan with how much the story mentioned her being plus sized. I am all for a female MC who loves cheese (because same), but the fact that part of the miscommunication in the story stems from her automatically assuming that Ethan was fat shaming her didn't sit well with me. I am someone who has struggled with body positivity and some of the book was a bit triggering.

Ethan and Olive have really great banter throughout the novel, which I am 100% a sucker for. Their chemistry was believable, and once they let themselves get past their miscommunication it was nice to see them enjoying their fairytale vacation.

I also didn't love how quick Ethan was to abandon Olive once they got back to the real world. it was so clear how much evidence there was against Dane. I get it that Ethan is his brother, but what would Olive even gain by lying? It's not like she has a tendency to enjoy fucking up other people's lives, so for Ethan to immediately take Dane's side really did not make sense to me. What a great plot twist it made for though!

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