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Our Magical Disney Experience

Last May, my boyfriend took me on our first trip together. His amazing Aunt Val works on main street so we were able to get amazing deals on so much! We arrived the first day, and we just relaxed at the hotel pool. We stayed at the Kidani Village in Animal Kingdom. The only down side was how far we had to walk daily to our room, but at least I got all my steps in! The hotel was beautiful, and our first day was just what we needed after a 5am flight!! We ate at BOMA which was delicious! BOMA is Chris's favorite restaurant in Disney!

This is Chris. You'll see him a lot through out this blog post and my blog in general. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. Seriously. But anyway, we started our park hoping in Magic Kingdom. It is totally my favorite park or maybe tied with Hollywood Studios, but it certainly is the most magical. I bought my mini mouse ears, and we hit the rides! We did all the big ones, as well as some small ones (dumbo, the tea cups and many others). I loved being able to laugh and play and feel like a kid again. Disney does an amazing job of letting adults feel like children again. Aunt Val was our personal tour guide, which was just so insanely amazing, I can't even find better words to describe her!! She took us to the best spots in the park and treated us as VIPS for the parade! 

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We got some amazing footage on some of the rides because we decided to make a travel video while we were there! check that video out HERE.

When I heard before we left that they created a Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Beast's castle i knew that I needed to some way/some how eat there. Belle is by far my favorite Disney princess. Then I also heard that theres basically a two year waiting list. Angel that she is, Aunt Val was watching for cancelations at this restaurant and got us a reservation!!!!!!

We ate in the middle of where they danced in the big ballroom scene, the grey stuff was truly delicious (SO WAS THE WINE!), and we took pictures with the Beast! But honestly, my favorite part of that night was when we left the restaurant because the park was EMPTY! It was so surreal to see the park with no one, but us there! It was just one of the many magical moments! 

Our next day was spent at Hollywood Studios. Home of the Tower of Terror, the Rockin' Rollercoaster, and all things Star Wars. 

We enjoyed the rides over and over again. We saw the Beauty & the Beast show (what can I tell you, IM OBSESSED). We ate and hid from a bit of rain, then we went on more rides. Aunt Val got us the picture package, so we got all these amazing pictures from the professionals at each park. We were happy since that meant we didn't have to bring our own fancy cameras and risk them getting lost, stolen, or broken. Some of the pictures they took, they add little characters! The one below has Mike from Monsters Inc. joining us and looking extra scary. The other one I asked the man with the balloons if I could take a picture with them, but what you can't see is that he wouldn't let me hold them alone. He is standing just off camera with the whole bundle in his hand. Some how we made it look semi natural so you can't really tell! 

That night was the most magical of them all! I had been eyeing this beautiful pandora ring that was Belle inspired, but it was way too much money for me to shell out there and then. I guess Aunt Val told Chris about it because when we went back to Magic Kingdom for fireworks, he surprised me with it! It was just so romantic, and I was overwhelmed! We went to look for a spot for fire works. but before that we wanted to get pictures with the "floating lanterns" from Tangled. The Disney photo package gets you the most amazing shots!!

We got there and happened to be second in line, which was basically fate because we needed time to find Aunt Val who was saving us a spot for fire works! It worked out perfectly, and we found her just in time! The spot she got was amazing! right near the Crystal Palace, and being vertically challenged I was able to sit on the the mini fence they have there and not be blocked by anyone! Pure Disney Magic!

Our next day was all about Animal Kingdom & Epcot. Epcot is Chris's favorite park, so he was super excited for that day. He loved hearing all the animals as we walked around especially the monkeys.

So we rode on the Everest roller coaster a few times, took some pictures (and some drinks) around the world, and ate under the sea!

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