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Blue Bird Skies & Altitudes High in Mont Tremblant

This winter I was lucky enough to return to a place that I absolutely LOVED growing up. We drove up to Canada and stayed in the small town of Mont Tremblant. 

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We stayed in Tour de Voyagers, which was at the base of the mountain. It is considered a ski in and ski out, but you have to take a cabriolet in order to get the lifts. It was amazing. We had a one bedroom suite. My two friends, Maria and James, along with my father and boyfriend came with me. We were expecting cold, but we never knew it would be this cold. One day at the top of the mountain it reached -22 degrees Fahrenheit. 

I mean it was cold enough that my eye lashes froze! The first trip ran over the new year, which was a lot of fun! We went to a club for about 20 minutes (we drank champagne in the room instead of braving the cold until the last minute), and froze our butts off  to watch the fireworks. We also reconnected with some old friends from when I used to come to the mountain with my father. We had dinner for a few nights with them, and we were invited to come back up to Mont Tremblant during the next break in February. 

Always Working!

When we came back up, it was for a short trip. Only 4 days, but we did get to stay in the most amazing house. The friends we reconnected with had built a house up in Canada and it was breath taking. 

Here is a rundown of all my favorite things to do here in Mont Tremblant.

Places to eat:

1. Bullseye's- They have the best apple cosmo I've ever had! 

2. The Shack- A very cool aesthetic and a french onion soup that is drool worthy. 

3. Beaver Tails- the sugariest and most delicious of desserts. 

4. The Chocolate Shop- Their fudge is amazing, and we always take some home with us!

Places to Shop:

1. Roots- a classic Canadian shop to get what you need for souvenirs.

2. Galerie Soutana- If you are looking for something more tribal and spiritual 

3.Sugar Shack- for all things Maple! ***A hot maple taffy on ice is a MUST DO***

Things to do:

1. Ski/Snowboard on the mountain!

2. As said before, a Hot Maple Taffy on Ice

3. Make some ceramics at Le Studio Creatif

4. Ice Skating 

5. Tubing at the base of the mountain

6. Hit the slopes during first tracks!

7. Take a photo at the Tremblant sign &

 the Big Red Chair


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