• Rachel Wasserman

B. Lovely

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

So I have always been a lover of wine. Not a connoisseur to say the least, but a lover none the less. My mother recently told me about this place called Total Wine. Basically it is the Walmart of alcohols. I had never seen so much wine in one place! It was so exciting. They have this great deal called "Mix Six". I mixed 6 different wines and got them for an awesome deal. It came out to about $10 per bottle. ANYWAY, the first wine I tired was a red called B. lovely.

It really was lovely! Now I'm not usually a huge fan of sweet wines, but this one is an exception that rule. It was so delicious and sweet I didn't even mind! It went down super smooth and was over all one of my favorite non Cabernets I have ever had.

One of my favorite things about this bottle is what is written on the back!

B. Sincere B. Generous B.Gracious. B. Lovely. What a nice mantra to have for life.

Overall, the wine was delicious and I would 100% have it again! I have to finish all my other bottles before I go back to get more, but this will definitely be on my repeat list!

Let me know if you agree!