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Cleopatra and Frankenstein



Reasons to Read:

-Beautiful writing

-Well crafted characters


Reading Notes:

-omg that opening is fantastic. THE BANTERRRR. Not a huge fan of the insta love though

-The writing is beautiful. I love how much of all the characters we are getting.

-Is there a point to this book?

-It’s a glimpse into lives I’m finding i don’t care much about

-Wtf Cleo cheats on frank? Frank does everything for her. Why the fuck did that happen?

-Only chapters worth reading are Eleanor’s

This novel is 1000% a character piece. If you are a plot lover then you should not read this book. I did not dislike it. I thought it was written beautifully, but I am a plot lover. I enjoy well fleshed out characters, but if I start to feel that nothing is happening, or if I ask myself why I am reading this book, then I know this wont be a favorite for me. The entire novel was dripped in pretense which did not help it either. It might translate better in film if they ever make a movie, but as a novel I found it lacking.

The best part was how it shows the reality of relationships. While usually people think relationships are between only two people, they always affect so many more. I know that it is not uncommon to not relate to anyone in a book, but I found that I also did not care about them at all.

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