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Lessons in Chemistry


Reasons to Read:

-Strong FMC

-Women in stem

-Vintage vibes

-Important and subtle life lessons

-Solid cast of lovable characters


"I love it but I also hate it. I hate that we lived in a world where this was the reality for so many women. Like wtf." Those were the first notes I wrote while reading this novel. The treatment of women in the 60's was insane, proven by the brutal rape/sexual assault and sexism that is riddled throughout the novel. That doesn't stop these women though. They are tough as nails.

I love strong female characters, I add them to every list I make for reasons to read the books I review. Elizabeth Zott is an amazingly strong female character. She's brave no matter what the world throws at her, she refuses to conform to what society and the male patriarchy thinks she has to be, and she never lets anyone intimidate her into being anything other than herself. It's not only Elizabeth who jumps off the page though. The entire cast of characters is fantastic. I loved Calvin, Madeline, Six-Thirty, Harriet, and even the TV producer. They all brought so much life to the book outside of all the chemistry.

The writing is smart, witty, and engaging. While the book is incredibly funny, there’s also a ton of emotion in it too. I laughed out loud. I cried sad tears. I rooted for the characters to succeed. It was a slow start, but a heartfelt ride overall.

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