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Reasons to Read:

-Spooky Vibes


-Psychological thriller

My Reading Notes:

-Verity is FUCKEDD up. So manipulative and crazy.

-Unlikeable characters.

-Who has sex with someone with their semi comatose albeit crazy wife in the next room?

-OMG what do I believe?

Listen, I am not the biggest CoHo fan, but I could not put this down. The mystery was intoxicating. The twists and turns along the way were so shocking. This story is horrifying, but unputdownable. I am a little confused as to why some people wrote that they could not go to sleep at night because of this book though. I mean it was creepy, but in general this was no Stephen King novel. It was a thrill, but it was more suspenseful over anything else. The writing was wild and the story messed with my mind.

I said it in the reading notes, but honestly none of the characters were very likable. I wanted to like Lowen and Jeremy, and maybe I did in the beginning, but as the story unfolds they become just as unlikeable as Verity. I’m not sure if I loved it, hated it, liked the characters or hated them. It’s a story that’s not the prettiest, but was damn good. That ending fuuuuucked with me so bad. I don't always love stories that are not wrapped up with a tidy bow in the end, but this one gets away with it. The ending that leaves more questions than answers and will make for amazing book club discussions.

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